We are the first and only computer museum in Estonia. Since 2005, the Museum invites every retro fan to spend time among the best of the old technology.

Our collection is well known for its great diversity. More than 500 exhibits inhabit the Museum’s little room, standing close to each other. Meet computing devices of every class and type – from abacus to huge computer weighing over 700kg!

Exhibits don’t hide behind the glass, so it’s easy to take a close look, hug the computer you like most and take a good picture. Especially when you find something you remember.

Yes, you can also play old games! It’s like using a time machine 🙂

The Museum is located in a former Soviet factory building, some part of which is still operational. Leave city center behind, discover and enjoy the real Tallinn with its beautiful combination of industrial architecture and nature! Foxes, hares and sea birds find the place perfect for living, and we think that’s the best possible quality mark.

Computer Museum is open all year round. Visit us alone, together with your family and friends or with a group!


How to find us


You may reach us by public transport: bus ##16, 33, 9, 26, 26A (bus stop “Laki”).


We have parking places for cars.


Way from the “Laki” bus stop (500 m):

Route in pictures