Other services

Computer Museum will gladly help you.

Exhibit rent
Need prop for filming? Retro tech needed for exhibitions, photos, events?

You are welcome to choose from hundreds of exhibits, every computer except 700kg VAX-11/785 is ready to help you out, and same goes for peripherals, components and other stuff.

Prices are individual in every case. Everything depends on how many objects you need, on the purpose of their usage and how long you plan to use them.

We can save your data from old storage devices:

3.5’’ ja 5.25’’ floppy disks,
hard disks,
cassettes including VHS, other tapes,
ZIP, JAZZ- and other rare devices.

Prices vary depending on the details of your order like storage device condition, time required to save data. Saving data from VHS will take at least 7 days.


Technical expertise and consulting

  • Prices vary depending on the case, please contact us:

+372 55 698 318